GB 6458-86 Metal Cover Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS Test) specifies the equipment, reagents and methods used in the neutral salt spray test. In this section, we will discuss the sample requirements in the salt spray test chamber:

First of all: the type, quantity, shape and size of the sample should be determined according to the requirements of the test cover or the product standard. If there is no standard, it can be decided through consultation by relevant parties. At the same time, the salt spray test chamber with high cost performance should be selected according to its own requirements and sample size.

Second: The sample must be fully cleaned before the test. The cleaning method depends on the surface condition of the sample and the nature of the dirt. Do not use abrasives or solvents that will attack the surface of the specimen. After the sample is washed, contamination must be avoided. If the specimen is cut from the workpiece, the covering layer near the cutting area must not be damaged. Unless otherwise specified, an appropriate coating must be used, such as: paint. In addition: paraffin or adhesive glue, etc., need to protect the cutting area.

The above are the sample requirements. Next, let's talk about the sample placement requirements:

1. The sample is placed in the test chamber with the test surface facing upwards, allowing the salt spray to settle freely on the test surface. The test surface cannot receive direct spray of salt spray.

2. The angle at which the sample is placed is important. The test surface of the flat sample is 15o ~ 30o to the vertical direction, and as far as possible 20o. Specimens with irregular surfaces (such as the entire workpiece) should also be as close as possible to the above regulations.

3. The sample can't touch the box, nor can it touch each other. The distance between the samples should not affect the free fall of the salt spray on the test surface. The droplets on the sample shall not fall on other samples.

4. The sample holder is made of glass, plastic and other materials. The material for hanging the sample must not be metal, but artificial fiber, cotton fiber or other insulating materials must be used. The droplets on the holder shall not fall on the sample.

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