The Ringier 2008 Food & Beverage Technology Innovation Awards, which has received much attention from the industry, was finally announced in Shanghai. Tightly selected by domestic authoritative experts, a total of 21 latest technologies won this award. Among them, Sidel, a well-known plastic bottle manufacturer in the world, and Italian Spa, won the award-winning technology and enterprise “High Barrier PET Bottle Production Technology Award” in the 2008 Ringier Food and Beverage Technology Innovation Award, and won the honor of food and beverage packaging technology. The list of manufacturers is as follows:

1. Blowing and Spinning Technology (Taiyi Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.)

2. High-speed rotary labeling technology (Nanhai Pinghang Machinery Factory)

3. Beer filling technology (KHS Germany, Krones Germany, Jiangsu Xinmeixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.)

4. Molding - Filling and Sealing Technology (SACMIIMOLAS.C., Kerui Co., Ltd.)

5. High-barrier PET bottle production technology (Sidr, Cipa, Italy)

6. Environmental Label (Dexin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.)

7. Metal Detection Technology (S+S Co., Ltd. and Anli Industrial Automation Co., Ltd.)

Reprinted Source: China Packaging Bottle Net

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