[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the new era of continuous improvement of living conditions and more and more abundant materials, the whole wardrobe is a must-have item for the family. Its simple and beautiful appearance, fashionable personality and strong product characteristics have become the main body after 80 and 90. The sought after object of the consumer group. In 2015, the new year is a new opportunity and challenge for the wardrobe industry. So, what kind of popular elements will the overall wardrobe appear in 2015?

2015 wardrobe trend one: custom solid wood wardrobe

Smart wardrobe

Custom solid wood wardrobe

Now the panels of the wardrobe are generally solid wood particle board or MDF. Although the realistic wood grain film can achieve the visual sense of woody feeling, it still cannot restore the original texture of the wood 100%, and it is not as thick and solid as solid wood. . Those who pursue solid wood furniture and have certain economic strength can consider solid wood custom wardrobes.

2015 wardrobe trend 2: environmentally friendly sheet wardrobe is more popular

Custom wardrobe

Environmentally friendly sheet metal wardrobe

At the same time, people pay more attention to green homes, "hexiang plates" made of recyclable agricultural herbs, and of course, the use of more environmentally friendly film technology, which may be widely used.

2015 wardrobe trend three: the overall bedroom custom wardrobe

Bedroom closet

Overall bedroom custom closet

Bedroom customization is the easiest and most effective way to avoid style mismatch and size. In addition, in recent years, the wardrobe industry has moved toward the overall home orientation, and customization is no longer limited to wardrobes. Therefore, the customization of bedroom and even whole-house furniture will become more and more mature.

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