When you face tens of thousands of products in the supermarket, you think that they are all worth buying, although most of the products you have not used, why is this? The answer is simple, is the packaging of goods - this silence But the persuasive "salesman" impressed you.

Market psychology expert Louis Cheskin has done several experiments in order to verify the relationship between packaging and consumer psychology. He first put the same new product into two different packages, one with a circular pattern and the other with a triangular pattern. Then he asked which products the respondents liked and the result was over 80% of the survey. Everyone chose a new product with a circular pattern package. This result did not surprise Louis Cheskin. However, the results of the next experiment surprised him: After the respondents had tried the same product in both packages personally, they still fell to the side of the product with a circular pattern.

Then he did another experiment and put several different brands of beer in the same container for everyone to taste. The result is that people's evaluation of beer taste is roughly the same, but when the beer is placed in different packaging containers, people's judgment on the taste of beer is greatly changed.

Luis Cheskin repeated the test on more kinds of products and discovered many phenomena that he called "perceptual transfer". For example, the appearance of the package is very important to people's evaluation of the taste of biscuits or the washing effect of soaps. Big influence. As stated in a packaging design book: “Consumers often cannot distinguish between a product and its packaging. Many products are packaging, and many packaging is a product.” This sentence vividly illustrates the packaging The role of product sales. Consumers are generally willing to pay more for the convenience, beauty and reliability of good packaging. Especially in the case of implementing customer self-service, it is even more necessary to use product packaging to promote products to customers to attract customers' attention.

On the one hand, packaging should have the visual impact needed to attract people's attention in the store; on the other hand, it must have the soft feeling that needs to be expressed after the goods are brought home.

Triangles and other sharply pointed patterns are easy to notice. However, experiments have shown that people's easy to see triangles does not mean that they will like them. There are also problems in terms of color. For example, yellow is most likely to attract attention, but it has a negative effect on some products.

Circular or oval patterns can show the meaning of success and acceptance. If the angular pattern is a "masculinized" pattern, then the circle or oval is a "feminine" pattern. These "feminine" patterns provide some of the more subtle, secretive themes for many packages.

Color is also one of the most valuable packaging tools. The results of research on eye movements show that color is the fastest type of triggering eye movement among various factors of packaging. Taking V8 vegetable juice as an example, the logo design of V8 vegetable juice has remained basically unchanged for decades. The horizontally placed tomatoes are served with green leafy vegetables and the vertical direction is celery and carrots. You may not have noticed the strong contrast of vegetable color, but you can feel it. V8 vegetable juice trademark is not the standard four-color printing of printed books, but uses five-color printing, making some of these colors have a stronger visual impact, and thus more easily stimulate people's interest.

McDonald's had intended to give up the yellow "M" sign. At the time, Cheskin was a consultant for McDonald's. After some research, he said that the double-arched pattern was a great asset because it had a "subconscious Freudian connotation." People may not be able to clearly understand the meaning of this sentence, but they can feel the value of today's double-arched pattern for McDonald's.

There is no doubt that people are instinctual and abusive about color and shape, but how to convert this kind of affection into buying a bag of cookies or a bottle of make-up water is not easy. Stan Gross, a marketing consultant at Harvard University, said: "I can't ask why you like some kind of packaging, and you can't necessarily say that the packaging itself is not silent, it's talking, but it's your heart. The depths of the report.” Therefore, how can we impress the depth of the heart of consumers is the soul of packaging design.

Designing good product packaging and decoration has become an important marketing tool. Every jar, every bag, and every box is carefully designed, repeatedly modified, and even simulated. It appears on the shelf of the store. During the design process of the package, each section must be carefully considered. Goods can impress consumers deeply. The packaging designer hopes that what you see is more than just a container or a trademark, but hopes to make you feel that you are buying a personality, an attitude, or even a belief.

Source: "Investment and Marketing"

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