[ Chinese Wardrobe net ] Today, most families buy finished wooden furniture, not only the main furniture such as beds, wardrobes , bookcases, but also the furniture that most of the previous furniture, such as cabinets, TV cabinets, and shoe cabinets. In addition to some residents making simple ceilings or shapes during the renovation, few people ask the woodworker to make furniture. The living space of the woodworking is squeezed smaller and smaller in today's society. Instead, it is a modern wardrobe on the tall. Traditional wood art is disappearing.

Wardrobe design
Stage development of the wardrobe: the gradual disappearance of carpentry craftsmanship

Gradually disappearing carpentry craft

The reporter learned from some home improvement companies in Jinzhou that most of the people do not do woodworking when they decorate their homes. Many families advocate simple decoration, so the ceiling, shape and so on are almost not done or less, and cabinets and bathroom vanity cabinets. Shoe cabinets and other wood furniture that originally required woodworking tailoring, and now many families also buy finished products. In addition to the branded furniture in the furniture market, Jinzhou now has more and more tailor-made furniture companies, all kinds of wood furniture can be made, such as wardrobes, beds, bookcases, computer desks and other conventional furniture, as well as shoe cabinets, Furniture such as cabinets and screen cabinets, which were originally made by woodworkers, can also be tailor-made. They have a special factory, as long as the size is good, the style is chosen, and the money is waiting for the furniture. Furniture such as cabinets can be made for every 1,000 yuan of extension. The average family can get three or four thousand yuan. The style and function are better than woodworking, so people start to choose finished products.

Wardrobe design enhances environmental awareness

The public gradually gave up the furniture made by woodworkers. One of the main reasons is the enhancement of environmental awareness.

Because woodworking furniture needs to be carried out in the residents' room, the smell of wood can not be dissipated for a long time. The work of glue and painting is more polluting. Some homes still feel wood or paint inside after one year of decoration. The smell. This is definitely not good for human health. People pay more and more attention to it. Of course, there is a new idea in the choice of furniture. Moreover, some families have been willing to play furniture mainly because they are cheap, so bed boxes, wardrobes, wooden doors, cabinets, etc. all let woodwork, but in the end, the money is a lot of flowers, and pollution, furniture style is not as good. The finished product is beautiful. Ms. Zhang’s furniture for the family spent four or five thousand on the paintings, and three or four thousand for the woodwork, plus the cost of materials such as wood and paint, which totaled nearly 20,000 yuan. She said that if she was to decorate her again, she would definitely Buying finished products saves time and effort, and does not cost much. The key is that as long as it is a qualified product, the environmental performance will be better.

Finished wardrobe and wardrobe

In addition, the finished furniture can be moved at will, can be placed in different positions indoors, and it is impossible to make furniture. The style of finished furniture is also better than that of making furniture. For some personalized furniture, the company that produces furniture in Jinzhou can also meet the requirements, which also causes the living space of woodworking to become smaller and smaller. Those superb carpentry techniques have gradually disappeared into people's horizons.

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