This winter seems to be particularly long, and the temperature has continued to slump since the Chinese New Year holiday in January. In the bright spring days, it is still cold and windy. In the face of chills, your skin adapts? Hurry up and look for a skin care suit that will keep your skin warm and inviting.

1. NIVEA Nivea Whitening Cream ¥39/100ml

NIVEA Nivea Whitening Cream

Silk protein extracted from natural silk has the effect of moisturizing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and is easily absorbed by the skin. Innovative Nivea Water Protein HydraIQ Moisturizing Technology helps to create a comprehensive hydration network inside the skin, continuously moisturizing the skin and leaving the skin hydrated. The texture is easy to absorb, deeply moisturizes the skin, solves the problem of dry skin, and is soft and smooth all day.

2, Estee Lauder elastic firming cream SPF15 ¥830/50ml

Estee Lauder Elastic Firming Cream SPF15

It has a unique photo-activated pull-up complex composed of three “photosensitive” components and uses long-life factor 3D technology to enhance skin energy. These ingredients work synergistically to stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen, laminin and elastin. Advanced lipids give the skin a full, long-lasting moisturizing effect, while photo-activated lifting complexes help rejuvenate the skin's youthful vitality and leave skin radiant.

3, Julie 蔻 skin moisturizing cream ¥ 420/40ml ¥ 800 / 125ml

茱莉蔻Essence Moisturizing Cream

A cream with precious rose, chamomile and various plant active ingredients. Maintains a balance between neutral skin, effectively fights oxidation and delays skin aging. Instantly moisturizes skin with a healthy glow Fresh, refreshing, even skin tone and translucent.

4, Petrov anti-wrinkle firming night cream ¥ 970/28g

Petrov Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream

Containing 24% high-concentration peptide, its active ingredients act on the subcutaneous tissue and dermis respectively, deeply repairing the skin damage caused by the daily environment during sleep, smoothing wrinkles, reducing pores, restoring skin elasticity, and continuously improving the skin itself. Repair ability; Retinol effectively promotes cell renewal, leaving skin soft and delicate; a variety of vitamins and aloe vera nourish the skin. After use, the skin is delicate, soft, elastic and shiny.

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