When the summer is over, the hot weather makes it easy for the makeup to be washed away by sweat and become a big face. So, how can we make the makeup last in the summer? Here are some makeup tips for you to make the summer makeup look fresh and lasting, sweating and not makeup!

The first is to control the oil before makeup.

Flower makeup is the biggest distress in summer. It takes a hour to make a delicate makeup and it takes half an hour to get a mess. How can we maintain a refreshing makeup? The first task is to control the oil. The first step is to use oil control lotion to control the excess. Grease secretion to prevent flower makeup. This little trick is very easy to use. Apply the oil control lotion evenly to the face, wait for all absorption, and start drawing the next step.

Followed by isolation before makeup

In order to protect the skin from the makeup, the cream is an indispensable step before makeup. It can separate the makeup, ultraviolet rays and dirty air. It can evenly cover the skin and cover the pores such as pores and acne marks. It can improve the skin texture.

Then it’s the bottoming work to do well

After the bottoming, the liquid foundation is applied. The summer liquid foundation key is waterproof, and the sweaty makeup is not good. The liquid foundation is evenly applied with a brush. Evenly apply the foundation. If the skin is good, you can apply a foundation only in the middle of the face (forehead, nose, and chin). The foundation can cover some small flaws, then cover it with a concealer in a place where you can still see it, and gently blend the concealer with the foundation.

Once again, the makeup effect will be better.

After applying the liquid foundation, set the makeup with honey powder, focus on sweeping the T-shaped part, sweep away the dropped powder residue, and suppress the oily light to further prevent oil.

Followed by eye shadow clever painting

The focus of summer makeup is to refresh, not to over-emphasize the eye, first use eye shadow powder to outline the eye. First apply the eye shadow, then draw the eyeliner, and finally apply mascara. Because eye shadow usually has some smudged effort, it is easy to get contaminated. If you first draw the eyeliner, the eyeliner will be smudged. The mascara is also easily contaminated and difficult to clean, so it should be applied last.

There is also the eyeliner that highlights the eye makeup effect.

Depicting the eyeliner, the same use of waterproof eyeliner to prevent panda eyes, do not over-emphasize the eyes, black and thick eyeliner will make the makeup look less refreshing, the eyeliner can play the role of the eye shape, so that the eyes look more God.

Finally, the eyelash care primer

For the big eye effect of water spirit, the eyelashes are first clamped, the focus is from the root of the eyelashes, and it can be clamped several times. One of the tricks to teach you is to use the mascara care solution to make a base, to protect the eyelashes while thickening the eyelashes to create a thick effect.

Step 8: Mascara repeated painting

Summer is best to make light makeup, if you make heavy makeup, sweating will be difficult to see. And the summer foundation is best to use oil control, use the wet sponge to put the foundation on the face, the eye makeup should not be too thick, the faint blue eye shadow can add a decorative sense to the summer or draw a faint eyeliner with a black eyeliner. This is my personal experience, very good, keep oh, I hope good friends have a cool summer.  


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