The role of packaging in sales

Packaging design is the delivery window for product information. If consumers want to buy a product, there will be more than a dozen similar products presented in front of him in the store. Various information symbols can be used for their choice. The effects of packaging such as color texture and smoothness will be the first to stand out, and they will stand out from the crowd. Therefore, in order to grasp the consumers, the visual communication design of the packaging is complicated, and the development of the packaging has become a simple, simple, and strong design with only heavy brands and product information.

The packaging has a "self-explanatory" role, and will be self-explanatory through the graphic, text, and color of the original salesperson. A series of detailed instructions for care is like listening to a knowledgeable professional in class, so as to attract customers to buy and help them to use correctly. Therefore, in modern marketing, packaging is also called "silent salesman."

Since advertisements have a great promotion effect on the sales of goods, it is easy to produce advertisements that only pay attention to advertisements and ignore the tendency of packaging. In fact, it is impossible for manufacturers to advertise every product. American packaging designers once pointed out that “80% of the goods displayed on the shelves of each supermarket are not advertised.” Charles Lefferson, the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the US, spends more effort on packaging than advertising. many. There is an old saying in the United States: "You can get the horse to the water's edge, but can you make the horse drink water?" That is to say, advertisements can attract customers into the store, and packaging can enable customers to unlock the wallet and finally complete sales. Of course, packaging itself is also advertising, but the more actual performance of such advertising is a lot of local details.

From the surface phenomenon, fierce market competition has promoted the development of products and consumption, but its practical significance is that he inevitably promotes the updating of corporate marketing strategy and the establishment of market awareness, of which packaging and advertising design is of course placed on Important position. Many large and medium-sized enterprises at the same time update their products, at the same time, they spend huge sums of money to improve product packaging and marketing planning. For example, in the cost structure of the Japanese cosmetics industry, raw materials, production, and research expenses account for 15%, packaging costs 15%, profits 20%, and market surveys and marketing expenses account for 50%.

Packaging Design Market Awareness

The visual performance effects in commercial art design must be formally subject to commercial needs, so it is important to understand the relevant market background. A design that cannot achieve a certain market value actually loses its own basic value.

Designers should understand and study the relevant design background before carrying out the design, including the following questions: Does the design commissioner have overall corporate marketing planning? Is there a specific policy for corporate promotion? Is there a special identification symbol? What is the popularity of products and trademarks? Is the design an improvement over the old design or a new one? Product appearance form, material composition, function effect, grade level? What are the characteristics compared with similar products? What psychological and emotional "soft value" does a product have outside its practical "hard value"? How big is the sales of the product? Is there any special marketing area? What are the sales of similar products? What is the relationship between its sales status and its packaging and advertising design? Who is the main consumer? What are the recent changes in consumer demand? and many more.

The core of these problems is "market awareness." The market determines the product, but also determines the direction of the product's publicity, and thus determines the direction of product packaging design to a large extent. If the designer lacks a basic understanding of the market, he naturally lacks a sense of "direction," so his design must be blind and aimless.

Author (Zheng Lei)

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