Matching saturation is an important part of color processing. For timeliness and packaging products, the color saturation is particularly emphasized to an excessive degree, so that the color has a strong visual impact to satisfy the appreciation psychology and pleasure of the viewer. During color processing, some screens can enhance the color of another part or the main part on the basis of compressing various colors by the same amount or losing a certain part of the color, and some screens can maintain the saturation of all colors according to the original content and main body. Optimal treatment of color conditions. The methods and essentials are as follows:

1. Depth basic primary colors

1) All kinds of solid color blocks, such as red, green, blue and other headers and logos and other basic colors that do not require layers of depth are sufficient. Generally, customers require strong and bright colors for these headers and logos. . In theory, it is to give full play to the maximum solid density of offset printing ink to achieve maximum saturation. Although 95% of the dots will increase to 100% after printing, this is not the same as the effect of 100% solid printing. 95% of the dots only reach the solid in the 95% of the dot area, and the increase of 5 The% area has ink, but the ink density is thin. The ink density at which 95% of the dots are increased to 100% is not as thick and bright as 100% of the solid density.

2) The colors of blue sky, ocean, green leaves, lawn, etc. in landscape photography images, because in people ’s minds

A fixed concept has been formed, so in principle, the color volume of the C version should be deepened on the basis of the amount of color required by the hue, and the green color such as green leaves and lawns is also the Y version, which makes the green saturated and bright. For the basic colors of red, green, and blue depths that require gradation, according to the color shift and gray characteristics of general offset inks, the optimal saturation configuration is:

Red = M95% + Y85%

Green = Y95% + C85%

Blue = C95% + M80%

3) The characteristics of the dot value configuration of the blue sky: First, the Y color is not placed below 40% of the C color version, making the sky blue brighter; Second, the Y color is placed more than 50% of the C color version, making the sky blue Not red, but also make the blue calm and thick. At the same time, the sky blue ink used today is reddish, so the light red is consciously reduced, thereby making the blue sky more beautiful.

4) The autumn leaves of Fragrant Hills can be processed more red than the actual leaves. The depth of the basic color Y is 100%, M is 95%, and C can be kept. Sense of transparency.

The above-mentioned changes to the pursuit of color break through the traditional color matching method and highlight the aesthetic value of color in the visual arts.

2. Depth basic color maintains gradation

1) The dot tone value range of the depth basic color is 65% to 90%. Since 80% is increased by the dots, the layers are easy to be combined. Therefore, for the basic colors that need levels in this area, under the premise of emphasizing sufficient field density, the levels should be maintained, and the saturation of field density cannot be emphasized, which leads to the gradation of the basic colors. Processing method: The basic color of the depth of the required level, the key is to lighten the color amount of more than 80% of the area, so that it is away from the solid color block, so that the printing can not only print the solid density, but also maintain the level .

2) In the color processing, it is difficult to balance the bright saturation of the color and the light and dark levels in the color. To preserve the light and dark levels in the color, complementary colors are used, and when the complementary colors are used, the vividness of the color will be Decrease, gray scale increases. In order to make the colors vivid, it is necessary to put less complementary colors, so that the light and dark levels in the colors will be affected.

For time-sensitive and packaging products, the saturation of bright colors should be emphasized, which affects the brightness of some colors. In this way, the final printed image has strong color sense and good visual effect. The key is to master a "degree", and the grasp of "degree" is the performance of the operator's aesthetic level, which is directly related to the color art effect.

3) The layered texture in the depth basic color is mainly expressed by the main color version, such as the warm colors such as red and orange, and the Y and M color versions, and the cool colors such as green and cyan are expressed by the C color version. Therefore, the layered texture of the main color version must be emphasized, and the characteristics of the layered texture of the real thing should be displayed realistically.

4) The basic colors of the mid-tone area are sufficient. The midpoint tone value range is 35% to 65%, which is the main part of most objects and the key area for color processing. To adjust the basic color of this area to the optimal saturation, the essential is that the hue needs the amount of color. To deepen about 5%, such as safflower, the bright and middle M color needs 40% of the color amount, which can be deepened to 45% to make the red more saturated and bright.

The Back Seam Laminated Bag is the same as other types of sewing bag. However, its main material is plastic woven cloth, and woven sack application is very wide, so the industry is used to call it "middle seam braided bag". The development of Laminated Woven Sacks is completely different from that of plastic bag and paper bag. The former is developed out of beauty, and back seam bag  is generally not easy to see. The latter is due to the limitation of its manufacturing process, because it is also a composite bag in terms of technology. Generally speaking, the plastic sewing bag has an obvious middle seam on the back of the bag. 

Standard back seam width:6cm,Of course, we can produce it according to the requirements of our customers. 

The size and printing pattern of the bag can be customized according to customer requirements 



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