Remedent is a company that manufactures oral care and dental beauty products. The company created a good way to whiten teeth with a hydrogen peroxide foam sponge. These products include metaTray and iWhite tooth whitening agents, using novel packaging sold by dentists and other distributors. The metaTray Sponge uses a blister pack produced by Tekni-Plex. The raw material COC (periodic olefin copolymer) of the film is supplied by Topas Advanced Polymers. This blister pack is produced at a faster rate, using the Tekniflex COC P15P composite film grade, which is a Topas COC sandwich layer and polypropylene. One of the outer layers is a laminate of white low-density polyethylene, which makes the entire package look cleaner and protects the sponge from light. The blister seal material is Teknilid WPSPPE strippable seal foil, which also contains an anti-oxidation adhesive.

The polypropylene layer of the blister film is not easily oxidized, while the COC core layer can provide additional corrosion resistance, the high-performance waterproof layer can greatly extend the shelf life, and the inherent hardness can make the blister look luxurious and texture. . The user can remove the foam strip from the blister pack, place it on a dental tray, and then place it in the mouth and bite it tightly with a tooth. The oxidized glue in the sponge can bleach the tooth discoloration caused by drugs, spots, smoking, diet, wear or damage. The bleaching reaction is mainly performed by light and heat. The temperature will be raised to about 10 degrees Celsius to increase the reaction speed, while the flash in the tray can catalyze the reaction. The COC moisture barrier ensures that iWhite's shelf life is 18 months and metaTray's shelf life is 14 months. PP/COC/PP/LDPE films can also form ideal shapes on standard thermoforming lines, and are said to have a wide range of heat treatments for forming and sealing.

Source: Packaging Expo

Sunny Machinery Slitting machine(as Coreless Rewinding Slitting Machine) for slittng plastic film like as PVC, PE, PP, PET, NY, POF, BOPP, METALIZED FILM etc. It is the necessary equipment for Printing, Packaging, Food, Pharmaceutical Industries.


1). Unwind have automatic constant tension, taper tension controlling, center rewind and tension keeping function when machine stopped.

2). Slitting into suitable harness, length and neatly roll material.

3). Have full automatic guiding function and secondary rewinding function

Slitting Machine Series

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