Based on the digital characteristics of the Internet, combined with the deep integration of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and education, is the theme of the development of smart education in the next few years. The electronic class card is a good application carrier for realizing the smart campus as a daily work of the school, class culture display and expanding classroom communication. Each class is equipped with an information technology environment that is installed in the classroom and is rich in the overall enrichment of the school. It realizes the perfect integration of the daily work of the school and the landscaping of the school, and provides a high-quality carrier for cultivating and building the campus culture environment.

The main applications of the electronic class card in the campus include three aspects: seamless connection to transmit campus information, timely feedback of classroom information, and transparent management of classes.

First, seamless connection to pass campus information

The electronic class card as a class culture display communication window can be like a window that opens, allowing more people to view the class style campus information construction and timely transmit campus information. Students can also see the recent important events of the school through the electronic class card, or participate in the reply, so that students can grasp the campus and class dynamics in a timely manner. It also publishes current course information, class activity information, and school notification information. The content of the information is text, pictures, multimedia content, flash, etc., providing students and teachers with a new teacher-student exchange and campus service platform.

Second, classroom information and timely feedback

The electronic class card is not only a display platform, but also a communication link between teachers and students. In the past, teachers taught students to listen. But how many students really understand? This data is difficult to provide timely feedback. Now the electronic school board developed by the school network has added classroom teaching feedback function. Students can feedback in time, swipe the card to automatically log in the system, and feedback the classroom on the course. The teacher can timely understand the teaching feedback and adjust the teaching rhythm.

Third, class transparency management

The electronic board has HD and interactive data sharing applications. Students can swipe their attendance, and the data is transmitted to the campus and the mobile phone. The teacher also swiped the card for easy login, clear permissions, combined with attendance, check-in. The function of the electronic branch card branch school management is also based on the hierarchical authority management, which realizes the class teacher, the student self-management, or the school unified management.

The electronic class card is a class logo and a carrier for the daily management of the class. The electronic class card is organically combined with the teacher's subject teaching, the teacher's moral education, and the school's information release. It can be used as a platform for students to display, popularize scientific knowledge, expand subject knowledge, and broaden students. Vision, show class characteristics, truly serve class management and student growth, has become the "new darling" of teachers and students.

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