Military packaging is an important part of military guarantees and an important task in the modernization of our military. How military packaging can better adapt to modern military logistics has important practical significance for improving modern military logistics and strategic delivery efficiency.

The development status and problems of our military's military packaging development With the rapid development of our military's informatization construction and equipment technology, under the traction of diversified military tasks and the promotion of the development of the national packaging industry, our military's military product packaging work has been completed. With great progress, material security measures have been greatly improved. Firstly, it is close to the needs of safeguarding military missions, renews the concept of packaging, and satisfies the long-term protection of military packaging by improving the level of packaging technology. Second, it innovates the storage model, and realizes the base of military reserve by supporting packaging; Improve collection and packaging to speed up the transportation of military products. Fourth, rely on information technology to improve the informationization of military product management through unified packaging labels. Fifth, improve packaging regulations and standards, and promote the standardization of military packaging by strictly implementing standards.

While affirming achievements, we must also soberly realize that there are still some weak links in the military packaging work, especially with the rapid development of modern military logistics. There are still many problems that are not suited to and uncoordinated, and are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the overall protective quality of military packaging is not high, and it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern military logistics for comprehensive protection of military products. The combination of military packaging design and equipment development is not tight and synchronized. Most military packaging also inherits the civilian packaging method. Poor protection is generally present. The packaging method is relatively backward, the environment adaptability is poor, the storage time is short, and the packaging material and structure are not Reasonable, packaging deformation, serious damage and other issues. The lack of overall planning for military packaging work and the problem of “heavy equipment and light packaging” have caused the overall protection of military packaging to be of low quality. Secondary packaging is required in the storage sector.

Second, the size of packaging specifications is disorderly and the degree of standardization is low, and it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern military logistics for military containerization and precision protection. Many manufacturers are still producing, packaging, storing and transporting military materials according to non-standardization. The size of military products does not meet the standard requirements, resulting in cluttered packaging dimensions, which is not conducive to the dispatch, transportation, loading, unloading, storage, stacking, and assembly of military materials. The convergence and conversion between storage, transportation and various modes of transport have a direct impact on the effectiveness of safeguarding military logistics and are incompatible with the requirements of the rapid development of our military’s modern military logistics.

Thirdly, the signs of packaging marks are not standardized and uniform, and the level of informatization is still relatively low. It is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern military logistics for the management of military information. The location, size, and content of the marks and electronic tags used in the inner packaging, intermediate packaging, outer packaging or container unit of the materials, as well as the code system of the two-dimensional tags and the frequency of the radio frequency tags, are not uniform and are not standardized. The top level of planning and design has a low degree of informatization and it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern military logistics for military information management.

Fourth, the establishment of military logistics institutions is irrational, the efficiency is not high, the development of logistics technology is lagging behind, and there is not enough emphasis on logistics packaging, and it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of high efficiency and integration of modern military logistics and precise protection. Our military's current "professional segmentation and multi-headed management" model ensures that each professional service is based on this major, and that it is relatively independent and lacks connection. It is a top-down, vertical-type protection channel. Parallel operation between majors Therefore, the entire logistics protection is a separate line of protection. In addition, there are many weak links in the logistics hardware technology, including transportation, loading and unloading, storage, packaging, distribution equipment facilities and containerized unitized technology, etc.; in logistics software technology, heavy experience, light management, lack of system Management system and scientific value evaluation system.

Development of military packaging to adapt to the development of modern military logistics Measures to be taken to develop military packaging The standardization of packaging dimensions, the unitization of packaging methods, the modernization of packaging, storage and transportation, and the integration of modern warfare with strategic rear and operational logistics, implementation of strategic and operational logistics Security guarantees put forward higher requirements. A large number of military materials and equipment were quickly and promptly delivered to combat troops. In the past, traditional primary packaging and storage and bulk storage of bulk models have been severely inadequate to meet the requirements of modern logistical support for rapid support. In the recent few local modern wars, the rapid development of the U.S. military unitized and packaged packaging has given us important inspiration. We must establish a new model of packaging and storage and transportation. The unitization of packaging means that military materials are packaged and packaged according to guarantee demand or “base number”, and a certain number and size of packaging or materials are then integrated into a larger-sized packaging container with certain specifications, strength, and ease of logistics. Inside, such as pallets, containers, container frames, base combination boxes, etc., to form a "transport, handling or storage unit", the unit body can complete the entire logistics protection link without disintegration. However, in order to realize the unitization of packaging, it is necessary to standardize, serialize, and modularize the packaging size of single-piece materials of various varieties and specifications, and to store and store the base number. The "unit box" and "base box" consisting of serialized and modular packaging "links" can realize the "integration of storage, transport, loading, and packaging," in order to achieve rapid, integrated and accurate delivery of modern logistics strategies. Security provides basic support.

Integration of packaging technology, standardization of packaging technology, and long-term modernization of packaging protection. Modern warfare military equipment has become increasingly high-tech, serialized, and standardized. The requirements for supplies, specifications, and technical performance of supplies and equipment have been increasing. The integration of packaging technology, standardization of packaging processes, and long-term protection of packaging means that scientific determination of the “micro-environment” control indicators to be achieved and optimization of packaging design is based on the material composition, storage characteristics, protection priorities, and logistics requirements of equipment and supplies. To absorb and innovate advanced packaging technologies, rationally select packaging materials, standardize packaging process methods, and conduct comprehensive long-term protection of the entire process. The specific measures are as follows:

The first is to optimize the packaging structure design. Military packaging dimensions should be compatible with the shape, size, weight, and composition of the contents. While optimizing the design of the packaging dimensions, it is necessary to pay attention to the ratio of the length, width and height of the packaging, as well as the transportability of the packaging structure, and Certain compressive strength and stacking stability.

The second is to absorb and innovate advanced packaging technologies. Increase technological innovation, improve packaging methods, and absorb advanced packaging technologies, such as: hidden camouflage packaging technology, anti-explosion packaging technology, anti-electromagnetic packaging technology, airdrop packaging technology, sea floating packaging technology, intelligent packaging technology, vacuum inflatable packaging Technology, aseptic packaging technology, heat-shrinkable packaging technology, anti-visible light, anti-infrared and anti-microwave inspection packaging technologies, etc., to ensure that high-tech equipment and materials can be reliably secured, long-lasting, and timely protective packaging.

The third is the rational application of new packaging materials. With the rapid development of science and technology and packaging industry, packaging materials are developing in the direction of lightweight, thin, multi-functional and green. For example, functional packaging materials that transmit, convert or store materials, energy and information, photochemical functional materials, stealth functional materials, nano-materials, moisture-proof and anti-static composite materials, anti-static buffer materials, degradable composite film materials, and the like. The rational selection and application of these new materials will provide technical guarantees for the integrated, long-term, and reliable protection of military packaging.

The fourth is to standardize the packaging process method. Through the increase in military packaging standards, norms of publicity, inspection and implementation efforts, the packaging standards will be implemented to the entire process of design, production, management and use of equipment and materials. In packaging operations, relying on the strict management of the system, unified standards and norms of operation, and constantly improve the process methods, in order to promote and improve the quality of military packaging and military economic benefits.

Fifth, strengthen packaging testing and testing. Such as packaging materials, packaging containers and packages of natural environmental testing, laboratory environmental testing, transport environment testing, packaging material performance testing, etc., should be based on the relevant national standards, military standards or industry standards to strengthen the quality of packaging testing and testing.

The digitalization of packaging identification, visualization of packaging, storage, and transportation, and information on military packaging for information management of packaging management are the basis for the collection of information flow for military logistics systems. Using modern information technology, with the help of information packaging, information transfer functions, and carrier functions of military packaging, various types of information such as manufacturers, material properties, packaging requirements, material properties, environmental conditions, transportation, and loading and unloading requirements are digitally labeled on the packaging. In order to establish the information resources guaranteed by the military logistics system and lay the foundation for the realization of military logistics management informatization and storage and transportation visualization. To achieve the above objectives, the following measures should be taken: First, unify the technical standards, including the bar code symbology, RF operating frequency, transmission power, and electromagnetic compatibility standards, to be uniform and standardized, and establish a unified technical architecture to enable vertical and horizontal information. Interconnection and interconnection; Secondly, the unified application of standards, including logistics information classification, material coding, and unit coding, should be unified to facilitate the unified organization of development and popularization and application and information sharing. The third is to establish a packaging label specification, which should regulate the internal packaging, intermediate packaging, external packaging, location, size, and content of the RFID tags used in the container units, as well as the frequency of two-dimensional labeling and RFID tags. Only by strengthening the unified standards for military packaging information can we achieve the information and visualized management of all logistics materials that are in storage, transportation, and use.

The countermeasures for the coordinated development of military packaging and modern military logistics: Military packaging will directly affect the efficiency of military logistics activities. Without scientific and rational packaging, millions of military equipment supplies that are individually dispersed will be unitized, base digitized, and informationized. There will be no efficient modern military logistics system. To further promote the development of military logistics and promote the high efficiency of military logistics, it must be based on modern military logistics theory and methods, relying on the indispensable role of military packaging to pull and realize. Therefore, military packaging must be coordinated with modern military logistics and promote each other. The main countermeasures and measures to be taken include:

Accelerating the Construction of Regulatory and Standard Systems that Adapt to Military Packaging and Modern Military Logistics Although the Army’s military and military packaging standards and regulations have made great progress, the overall level and compatibility of military packaging regulations and the rapidly developing military logistics system are still Inappropriate, especially with the various transport equipment, handling facilities, storage facilities convergence of logistics unit packaging standards are still relatively lacking, military packaging, standardization, serialization degree is generally low. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the construction of regulations and standards systems that are compatible with military packaging and military logistics, and vigorously integrate universal basic standards such as packaging size series, protection and packing grades, collection packaging, transportation loading and packaging identification, and prioritize the formulation of modern military logistics systems. Build closely related packaging standards. Especially in terms of technical standards such as logistics infrastructure, technology and equipment, and management processes, we will speed up the integration and eliminate the obstacles that military packaging and military logistics are not suited to the standard.

The technical equipment that focuses on the integration of military packaging and modern military logistics. The technical equipment for the development and construction of modern military logistics is the material basis for the implementation of strategic delivery of military forces and rapid and efficient protection. It directly affects the speed and efficiency of modern military logistics support. At present, the overall level of logistics facilities and equipment of our military is still not high, mainly reflected in the serious shortage of technical equipment such as warehouse packaging protection, containerization and material sending and receiving, serialization of logistics equipment, automation of logistics facilities and equipment, and low level of informationization. Military equipment packaging technology and equipment must be matched and coordinated with military logistics technology and equipment, and the level of mechanization, automation, and informatization of military equipment, storage, storage, handling, transportation, and other technical equipment must be improved. Only in this way can military products be stored, installed, transported, and transported. The unloading operation efficiency reduces labor intensity, shortens the time for preparing for combat conversion, and wins the initiative for quick protection during wartime.

Priority is given to the development of information technology that integrates military packaging and modern military logistics. The development of information technology that integrates military packaging with modern military logistics requires unified planning and top-level design. Military supplies involve many departments, and there are large professional spans and coordination difficulties. This requires the implementation of strong organizational leadership, led by the headquarters of the organization, combined with the actual units, unified planning, top-level design, and develop practical construction plans and plans. The second is to increase the comprehensive use of information technology, based on advanced technology, advanced development and design, relying on computer networks, comprehensive use of electronic data interchange (EDI), radio frequency identification (RFID), barcodes and IC cards and other technologies. The third is to strengthen the “media” function of military packaging, strengthen the integration of packaging information and logistics information flow, and gradually realize the “visible” full-dimensional information of military logistics activities and the “seamless” connection of various logistics information. The fourth is to build a unified information platform for military logistics and military packaging, to integrate information resources through information platforms, and to gradually establish a horizontally integrated, “net”-like logistics management and security system. Only by developing a unified and integrated information platform for military packaging and military logistics can we improve the speed and accuracy of the “flow” of military logistics systems. Only in this way can we realize the informatization, visualization and full controllability of the military logistics process. The informationization of modern military logistics system guarantee.

Constantly improve the quality assurance system of military packaging and modern military logistics In fact, all aspects of military logistics are dealing with military packaging. The quality of military packaging directly affects the quality of military materials and the quality and benefits of military logistics systems. To establish and improve the quality assurance system supporting military packaging and modern military logistics: First, we must pay attention to the rationalization of military packaging. The approaches adopted include light and thin packaging, large-scale, standardized, integrated unitization, and integrated protection methods. The second is to strengthen the overall quality management of military packaging. Including: updating concepts, raising awareness, increasing awareness of packaging quality, etc. In addition, military product packaging should be synchronized with the demonstration of equipment R&D, simultaneous design, simultaneous acceptance, and the entire process of military product packaging quality management. The third is to establish a set of military packaging quality evaluation system. Through a quantitative or qualitative combination of evaluation methods, develop a set of military packaging quality evaluation system. The fourth is to increase the supervision and inspection of military packaging quality. Under the leadership of the competent authorities, the organization of "Packaging Quality Inspection Team" and "Packaging Technology Guidance Team" are organized to conduct regular or irregular inspection and guidance on the quality of military packaging. The fifth is to establish a corresponding packaging quality testing agency. Adopt advanced test methods and measures to scientifically test and inspect packaging materials, packaging processes and packaging effects.

The operational mechanism for vigorously promoting the integration of military and civilian packaging and modern logistics In the early stages of the war, materials were mainly supported by the armed forces themselves, but as the war progresses, they must rely on civilian safeguards. How to deliver a large amount of materials and equipment to combat units in a timely manner to improve the ability of joint delivery and accurate and rapid distribution, and to promote the integration of military products, civilian packaging and modern logistics is particularly important. Some developed countries attach great importance to the use of local logistics resources to complete the non-combat function of material support tasks. The U.S. military believes that at the highest level, the boundaries between military logistics and places have actually disappeared, and the two are integrated into one. Civil logistics has a strong modern technology, rich resources, and a high degree of information. Therefore, taking the road of “combining military and civilian forces and focusing on the military” has become the consensus of many countries. The U.S. military currently has more than half of its logistics work contracted to local logistics companies. Our military should also vigorously promote the integration of military and civilian packaging and modern logistics. The specific measures are: First, make full use of local logistics resources, and jointly plan, design, and build an integrated logistics resource information platform that runs through the government, enterprises, and military, and use this platform to obtain real-time, accurate, and transparent access to logistics resources of the entire society. , logistics demand, logistics status and other digital information. Second, the military will lead the development of various plans, plans, and policies based on the combat tasks of different units. It will do a good job in the construction of top-level logistics system projects, construction plans, and command and control systems, etc. Logistics activities are borne by society. 3. Establishing a sound communication and coordination mechanism for the military and the land, undertaking the task of optimizing the distribution of logistics resources required by the national economy in peacetime, and undertaking the mobilization of local logistics resources during the war to provide the army with rapid and effective logistics support. The four countries and the military shall actively promote the legislative work of mobilization of packaging and logistics resources, standardize the procedures, methods, compensation (restitution) and compensation for the mobilization of resources, and implement safeguards in accordance with the law, so as to provide the logistics facilities for wartime migrants and civilians compatible with peacetime. Legal basis.

Conclusion In face of the rapid development of modern military logistics, military packaging has also ushered in new opportunities and challenges. Without high-quality military packaging, it is difficult for modern military logistics to be delivered quickly. Without military logistics, the packaged military materials are difficult to reach in time on the battlefield. The practice and experience of military logistics in modern warfare has proven that military packaging has a very close relationship with modern military logistics. We should pay attention to the role of military packaging in modern military logistics and make it coordinate the development in a more scientific and more reasonable direction. To better adapt to the requirements of the development of modern military logistics, lay a solid foundation for improving the comprehensive delivery capabilities of military materials.

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