Artificial grass leading brand Furun opens domestic sports artificial grass new era Date:2015-09-08 14:43

Artificial grass greening is popular and widely used abroad, and more and more families in China are using artificial grass greening. This is a development trend. Jiangsu Furun carpet's artificial lawn is a professional group of artificial turf spinning, drawing, weaving, artificial turf and carpet chemicals. It annually produces 5 million square meters of natural artificial turf series, with an annual output of 300 household carpets. Ten thousand square meters. Jiangsu Furun has fully introduced the Belgian carpet production technology, combined with its own company's original technology and experience to form a complete and effective advanced production technology, and long-term cooperation and exchange with foreign advanced similar companies, employing European experts to guide and train employees. Under the scientific management of Furun carpet, strict implementation of the EU standard production, making Jiangsu Furun always lead the industry.

Furun artificial turf can prevent UV damage to the lawn well

Artificial turf is a non-living material made of polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene. It cannot carry out metabolic activities of green plants, and it does not have the effect of regulating the balance of carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere. Although artificial turf can block dust to a certain extent, it does not have the function of absorbing toxic gases to purify the atmosphere. In addition, low-level artificial turf fiber often contains chlorine impurities, which will decompose and release chlorine under high temperature and strong sunlight conditions, which will damage air quality. The Jiangsu Furun carpet artificial turf can prevent UV damage to the turf, and can guarantee the performance of sports and maintain the enduring color, and easy to maintain and clean.

Furun artificial grass has good flexibility

At present, the artificial turf buffer layer material used in China is rubber or foam plastic, and the thickness is generally only 5 mm. The elasticity is not ideal. Athletes perform intense and intense confrontation on the artificial turf playing field, and there is a high risk of injuries such as contusions and sprains on the ankles and knee joints. The artificial turf of Jiangxi Furun carpet has good elasticity and can generate sufficient buffering time, which can effectively reduce the physical damage when landing.

Furun Artificial Turf Has Moderate Hardness and Resilience

The friction coefficient of domestic artificial turf is generally between 0.8 and 1.2. If athletes make technical movements on such lawns, such as throwing tackles on the ground, snaking and gliding, etc. The temperature will increase by 15 to 20 °C. Some studies have pointed out that when the air temperature is 33°C, the temperature of the artificial turf under direct sunlight at the midday sun will reach 50°C. At this time, the athletes who compete in the artificial turf sports field will experience a high temperature of 70°C, which may cause skin burns. In addition, quartz sand, which is an artificial turf filler, is brought to the surface of the turf after use for a period of time, and its rough surface can seriously injure the player's body. Even though Jiangsu Furun carpets friction may cause the temperature of the contact area to rise, the rich lawn has a proper smoothness. The heat generated by the friction will be within the tolerable range of the human body and will not cause harm to the athlete's body. At the same time, the rich lawn has a moderate hardness and resilience. Athletes can make various technical moves on the site, but they do not have to worry about being injured by falling or rubbing.

Jiangsu Runrun carpets include football lawns, sports lawns, golf lawns, garden lawns, decorative lawns, railway lawns and many other product lines. With first-class production quality and advanced technology, Jiangxi Furun has always been meticulously engaged in production, sales, distribution, construction, and acceptance. Jiangxi Furun always adheres to innovation, creativity, and creativity as its core business values. It always adheres to sincerity, efficiency, and professionalism. For corporate culture, we always adhere to the principle of “customer first” and serve our customers with our heart.


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