The "General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture GB28010-2011", known as the "New National Standard" for mahogany furniture, was enforced on February 1 this year. The national standard stipulates that mahogany furniture manufacturers must guarantee "one book, one card, one card" when selling mahogany products. ", the mahogany furniture product manual, mahogany furniture product quality express card and product certification, otherwise it will be banned from sales.

However, the "new national standard" has been enforced for more than half a year. The reporter recently found that although the quality of the mahogany furniture product card is believed to be effective in protecting consumer rights, the implementation of the business is not active, and most of the market's mahogany furniture distribution stores Still difficult to find furniture "ID card", many dealers are afraid of furniture materials problems, but also use the loopholes in the national standard to play a "word game" on the material description, "new national standard" implementation encounter.

Market visit

Many furniture do not have "express cards"

According to the "new national standard" regulations, mahogany furniture manufacturers and distributors must be equipped with mahogany furniture product manuals, mahogany furniture product quality express cards (hereinafter referred to as "express cards") and product certification certificates. The most concerned is Express card.

The express card is like the "ID card" of mahogany furniture, and requires at least the product implementation standard, product classification, product name, product model specification and production date, product application range, product main material, product coating process, product decoration process and other product information. . If the product does not match the information on the express card, the consumer can resort to the law.

However, the “new national standard” has been implemented for half a year, and many dealers have still not implemented it. In the Shilihe store of the home, although in the six-storey mahogany furniture sales area, most of the sellers have more or less "express cards" on the furniture, but these "express cards" and "new national standard" There is still a big gap between the required express cards. In a mahogany furniture store called "Year of Red", the reporter saw that each mahogany furniture was placed with a table-like express card indicating the origin of the furniture, the main wood type, price, and production. Dates, etc., but the specifications, scope of application, finishing process, decoration process and other information required in the "New National Standard" are not mentioned.

The reporter visited Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Jimei Furniture and other discoveries. The “new national standard” has been implemented for more than half a year, and some furniture brands still do not have “express cards”. In the Shilihe store of the home, a mahogany furniture store called "from generation to generation", the reporter asked to check the "express card", the clerk said that it is being processed, if the purchase can be sent to the home with the furniture; The “Redwood Sales Store” of “Flower Family” said that they did not know that there was “one book, one card, one card”.

As for some other mahogany markets, the express card is even more difficult to trace. The reporter visited the mahogany building of the mahogany Daguan Building, Gaobeidian Classical (classical decoration renderings) furniture street, and found that half of the enterprises are not equipped with "one book, one card and one card", most products only have the price tag of the mall. According to the sales staff, they sell redwood furniture such as “red sandalwood”, “rosewood”, “chicken wing wood” and “cross-dragon sandalwood”. In the face of reporters' inquiries, "one book, one card, one card", some directly said "no", while others said "putting financial" and "in the factory"...

Cause of obstruction

Do not wish to express any additional benefits

Why an express card is so difficult to perform, many dealers have given their reasons.

"There is no difference in my business card." A redwood furniture seller of Red Star Macalline said that it is not a problem to stick a clear card, and most people who buy mahogany furniture are experts, express cards. The effect is not big.

Some dealers said that there are loopholes in the operation of the express card, so "there is no difference between there and no." According to him, there are 5 genera, 8 types and 33 kinds of tree species in redwood. Only red rosewood has 7 species such as Dalbergia chinensis (red rosewood), Brazilian rosewood and red rosewood. Some tree species are very close in color and texture, which is difficult for non-professionals to judge. The price of Lushi black and yellow sandalwood is about 300,000 yuan per ton, while the black and yellow sandalwood in East Africa and the black rosewood in Brazil are only about 6,000 yuan per ton. If you only write red rosewood on the express card, the enterprise does not violate the regulations, but the consumers are fundamental. There is no difference.

However, these reasons cannot be recognized by the industry. "In fact, merchants are not willing to issue explicit cards or are afraid to take risks." A person in the field of mahogany furniture for nearly 40 years told reporters that the current supply of domestic mahogany furniture is mixed, Guangdong Zhongshan, Zhejiang Dongyang, Fujian Xianyou and other places, There are hundreds of large and small mahogany furniture manufacturers in each place. In order to retain some extra benefits of “grey”, most of these small manufacturers are not willing to express “one book, one card, one card”, so that these The distributors who purchase the channels can not do the national standard requirements.

The name of the mahogany is numerous, sometimes the difference between the words on the name, the price is very different. And this has always been an important barrier for furniture companies to make profits. If the actual written on the "express card", the profit must be reduced; but if not written, the "express card" will become evidence of consumer rights protection, businesses are "difficult" and therefore do not want to implement the "new national standard."

expert's point

New regulations should be implemented

"The new regulations do have certain loopholes, but they also have obvious normative effects on the mahogany furniture market." Zhao Shoutian, director of the Redwood Professional Branch of the China Furniture Association, said that from a professional perspective, the price of different types of mahogany furniture is very wide. Disparity, it is very difficult to help consumers at a glance only through the explicit card. At the same time, the product information indicated by the current express card cannot be truly understood by ordinary consumers, and there are indeed loopholes.

However, he also said that the introduction of the new national standard has played a normative role in the entire mahogany furniture industry, which can enable consumers to "know their minds" when purchasing products, and to replenish the use of materials in the past. It has given a certain containment and increased the cost of violations by manufacturers.

Cao Xinmin, one of the drafters of the new national standard, also said that from the current situation, the implementation and implementation of the new national standard is not difficult. In addition to the industry itself needs to raise awareness and implementation of standards, relevant government departments must also increase law enforcement. , to supervise and guide.

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