[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe originally refers to multi-purpose cabinets for placing clothes, accessories, and daily necessities. With the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for the quality of home life are also coming. The higher the wardrobe of Chinese families has evolved from the traditional woodworking wardrobe to the current overall wardrobe , which has undergone a gorgeous transformation. During this period, it has experienced a long history of evolution, and it has produced a variety of different forms of wardrobes. Below, we will give a brief introduction to the main wardrobe form.

Overall wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe space utilization rate is high

Sliding door wardrobes are also known as sliding door wardrobes or "one" shaped wardrobes that can be embedded into the wall to form a direct roof as part of the home improvement. It is divided into an internal push-pull wardrobe and an external push-pull wardrobe: the push-pull wardrobe is placed in the closet, which is strong in individuality, easy to integrate, more flexible, relatively durable, easy to clean, and high in space utilization; external push-pull The closet is placed outside the cabinet, most of which are tailored to the needs of the elements in the home environment, and the space utilization rate is very high.

Swing door wardrobe is cheap

The swing door wardrobe is a wardrobe that is connected to the door panel and the cabinet by a traditional hinge opening method. The grade is mainly based on the door panel material and hardware quality. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe. The disadvantage is that it takes up more space.

Folding wardrobe is convenient and personalized

The general household wardrobes are all wooden in a whole structure. They are bulky, bulky and difficult to move. Especially the residents living in the building are very difficult to move. Folding the closet is very convenient. In fact, it is framed by a retractable metal frame, then surrounded by cloth or other soft materials, and a door is opened with a zipper or a sling, just like a curtain fabric.

After folding the wardrobe, there will be great development prospects, in addition to its convenience, space saving, warm appearance design and personalized customization, it is also in line with the high rhythm and high efficiency of modern society.

Combination wardrobe free change modern sense

The combination wardrobe is also called the free combination wardrobe. In its flexible and changeable form, it is sexy and practical, and is popular among consumers. It has the characteristics of being assembled and detachable, adapting to various environmental changes, conforming to the fashion trend, and has a strong sense of modernity. The combination wardrobe is a new type of wardrobe that has recently emerged, and has attracted more and more people's attention and favor.

Aluminum wood wardrobe breaks the traditional fashion sense

The perfect combination of metal aluminum and wood, the specific fusion of soft and strong, it breaks the traditional wardrobe wood and wood combination, a metal-based bracket, with a wood-based shelf, not only expands the space, but also enhances Grade

Walk-in cloakroom modern home trend

It is a place where a room or space is used alone for storage, fitting, and makeup. The walk-in closet is a separate room for storing clothes and changing clothes. It can store family clothes, shoes and hats, bags, accessories, bedding and so on. In addition to the locker, it should generally include a dressing table, a dressing mirror, a take-up ladder, an ironing board, a quilt cover, and a seat.

The cloakroom is usually made up of a series of open, integral wardrobes. The whole wardrobe can be tailor-made, making full use of space and combining Chinese and Western. It is not only good-looking, convenient and durable, but also includes a series of furniture such as the previous wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and box.

The cloakroom is a popular trend in modern homes. It not only represents the relative advantage of users in this impetuous society and space. What is more rare is that it breaks the inherent limitations of traditional wardrobes when storing and space.

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