In the past two years, the price of mahogany furniture has been rising sharply, and the most representative red rosewood furniture has fallen by more than 50%. Recently, a well-known mahogany furniture brand announced the terminal price adjustment notice, the retail price of mahogany furniture products was lowered across the board, and the price of some mahogany crafts was even adjusted to the original quarter. The industry believes that the sharp drop in the price of mahogany furniture is related to the market trend of the downturn, and it also means that the mahogany market has reached the turning point, and the collectors have absorbed or are at the same time.

Brand mahogany furniture prices are lowered by 4-6 percent

Recently, the famous mahogany furniture brand Fujian Liantianhong issued a price adjustment notice on its official homepage. From now on, the price of Laos red rosewood furniture was adjusted to 379 yuan/kg. African chicken wing wood, South American chicken wing wood, South American small leaf sandalwood and red sandalwood were adjusted to 149 yuan/ Kilograms, rosewood and South American lobular ebony are adjusted to 209 yuan / kg. Except for the price of huanghuali and lobular rosewood, which remained at the high level of 4,499 yuan/kg and 2,899 yuan/kg, the whole line of products was significantly reduced from 40% to 60% in the previous month. Among them, chicken wing wood has the largest decline, reaching 66.8%. Even the price of mahogany handicrafts has dropped significantly. The official website noticed that “the price of Laos red rosewood material is sold at one-half of the original price; other materials are sold at a quarter of the original price”.

The reporter checked the list of the previous price adjustments of the brand's mahogany furniture. From May 2009, the price of the whole line of the company's products has shown a straight upward trend. In May last year, the two types of precious wood species, Huanghuali and Xiaoyehu, have risen to the present. The highest position; by May of this year, other redwood species have risen to the highest level. Taking Laos red rosewood as an example, it rose by 368% compared with 179 yuan/kg in May 2009. The increase in the number of valuable wood species, namely Huanghua pear and lobular rosewood, also reached 423% and 320%.

The reporter visited Dongguan's well-known stores such as Chaohongxuan and Liandao, and found that from the end of May, the mahogany furniture products have different degrees of decline. The United Nations Redwoods has also launched the promotion slogan of “all the big specials”. )

Collectors can seize the opportunity to absorb the dips

What caused the price of mahogany furniture to suddenly fall from a high level? Mr. Lei, general manager of Dongguan Mingji Hongmu, said that in the past two years, with a large amount of hot money entering the mahogany market, speculators have accumulated a large amount of raw materials for mahogany. In addition to the rare rare wood species such as huanghuali and lobular rosewood, other mahogany raw materials have also been artificially created the illusion of resource shortage, and the chasing of speculators has led to the accumulation of price bubbles. At the same time, the wages of mahogany furniture technicians have also risen, rising from 200 yuan/day two years ago to 600 yuan/day.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the continued downturn in the macro economy, the purchase of finished mahogany furniture has shrunk sharply, and the entire market has shown an oversupply situation. Some specialty stores will not be able to issue orders for one or two months. Mr. Lei analyzed that the serious decline in terminal sales also directly affected the upstream factories, and the high production cost has made some manufacturers unsustainable, accelerating the arrival of the inflection point of the mahogany market. “Since June, the price of mahogany furniture such as chicken wing wood, rosewood, and South American lobular sandalwood has been reduced by more than 30%. The price fluctuations of precious wood species such as huanghuali and lobular rosewood are not obvious.” Mr. Lei believes . )

“Now the mahogany traders are in the market, and the price of mahogany furniture has plummeted. The biggest impact should be those dealer brands that have a single kill.” Lin Qi, general manager of Hongyun Furniture, said that the current sales of mahogany furniture terminals are not 30. The gross profit of % is difficult to maintain, and this wave of price cuts will surely bring about deep reshuffle in the industry. For collectors, they can absorb the bargains according to their own economic strength. "But you must buy good materials, traditional craftsmanship, and regular brand of mahogany furniture, so that you have a collection value."

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