As long as you are good at emulating, you can also make a beautiful eye makeup , but how to keep your beautiful eye makeup "safe" for a whole day?

Sun and Moon Crystal Eye Cream

Sun and Moon Crystal Eye Cream

First of all, the bottoming work should be done well.

Evenly applying makeup is beneficial to the continuation of the subsequent makeup steps. Evenly apply the foundation. If the skin is good, you can apply a foundation only in the middle of the face (forehead, nose, and chin). Of course, you can choose an eye base cream to prevent eye makeup.

Recommended products: Sun Moon Crystal Eyes Special Base Cream

Reference price: RMB200/2.2g

Product introduction: Eyelid special foundation that maximizes eye makeup. The texture is light and smooth, with a high moisturizing effect. Contains a beauty liquid to moisturize the eye area that is easy to dry. In addition, it can adjust the dull skin color of the eyelids, maintain the wonderful hair color of the eyeshadow, and improve the fit and color persistence. As a necessary part of the net makeup, once you use it, you can't put it down. Evenly hit the eyelids to create eye-catching eyes.

Second, it is the eye shadow part

First use eye shadow powder to slightly outline the eye. First apply the eye shadow, then draw the eyeliner, and finally apply mascara. If you first draw the eyeliner, the eyeliner will be smudged. The mascara is also easy to contaminate, and it is difficult to clean, so it should be painted at the end, beautiful and not make-up eye makeup is done.

Recommended products: Benefit flawless eye shadow eyeliner

Reference price: RMB220/4.5g

Product introduction: delicate and light texture, taking into account the two characteristics of high color rendering and good push, high durability, not easy to smudge, even as an eyeliner can maintain a full day of fresh makeup. The “love your look” collection, designed according to your lifestyle, allows you to easily choose the color that suits you best... Lana is clear and natural, the Gabbi color is the middle color, and Betty tends to be heavy color.

Use tips: anti-crease, anti-smudge, adjustable, this multi-purpose paste can draw eyeliner, eye shadow or used in the eye area. Feel free to mix, multi-layer smudge, until the eyes reach your satisfaction deep sensation... The color can be deepened layer by layer, thin or exaggerated. You will fall in love with this glass vial... but remember to tighten the lid to ensure its creamy texture and dreamy color!

Recommended reason: Innocent Eyeshadow Eyeliner can be used both as an eyeliner and as an eye shadow to ensure that you look beautiful.

Pui Ling's flawless dual-use eye shadow eyeliner

In the mascara section, if you are prone to smudges, you can choose a mascara cream with mascara.

Recommended products: Estee Lauder nourishing mascara cream

Reference price: RMB220/5ml

Product Description: Nourish and adjust eyelashes, it can significantly increase its length, and strengthen and moisturize, providing a base for the subsequent use of mascara, so that mascara can adhere more firmly. It automatically adjusts and repairs eyelashes during sleep at night, and reduces eyelash breakage by strengthening moisture. It is fragrance-free and has been tested by an ophthalmologist for safe and secure use.

Recommended reason: The mascara cream with nourishing conditioning makes each lashes stronger and longer. At the same time, the phenomenon of mascara blooming is greatly reduced.

Estee Lauder nourishing mascara

Xiao Yiyi: Eye makeup lastingly maintains the drawing method

When drawing the eyeliner, use a waterproof eyeliner to prevent the panda eye. Don't over-emphasize the eyes. Drawing a thick black eyeliner will make the makeup look less refreshing. The eyeliner can play the role of the eye shape, making the eyes look more God's makeup is more durable.

Recommended products: Revlon non-marking liquid eyeliner

Reference price: RMB105/1.6g

Product introduction: With a beautiful and godly eyes, it is almost the dream of all women. How to make the eyeliner smooth and three-dimensional, it becomes the key to creating a deep and beautiful. The new favorite of the eyeliner in Asia----liquid eyeliner, with its simple, precise, smooth and smooth features, has won the favor of Asian women, it is more intense than the traditional traditional eyeliner and not easy to smudge makeup. Easily create the black-eyed makeup that everyone is looking for.

Recommended reason: fine and smooth, rich and lasting is the biggest feature of this liquid eyeliner. The exquisite pen head design is characterized by fine, smooth texture and freely flowing; it is rich in carbon black factor and creates rich and pure color. Unique long-lasting formula, light and fast-drying, long-lasting and non-staining. Accurately outline the eye makeup from soft to stunning.

To prevent blooming, apply a thin layer of powder on the lower eyelid.

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