Solid wood furniture is not only eye-catching but also extremely environmentally friendly, so it is popular among mid- to high-end consumers. Panel furniture is cheap and realistic, but the MDF used generally contains a considerable amount of formaldehyde raw materials, which can cause harm to human body. Compared with the two, many consumers are willing to pay high prices to buy solid wood furniture.


Stealing concept

Due to the awakening of people's environmental awareness, wood has become a scarce resource, so the most common solid wood furniture on the market is also about 30% more expensive than panel furniture. However, on such goods, the public's complaints continue.

The merchants who are complained are not using the truth, but using the vague concept to attract consumers. The most common complaints are basically: the consumer was told that the cabinet was solid wood, and it was found after buying it. When it was compared with the business theory, it was also told that the frame of the cabinet was solid wood, and the panel and back panel were high-density boards. But also posted a solid wood skin.

The common problems that arise in mahogany furniture are similar: some are known as high-quality imported mahogany, which is actually processed from fast-growing wood imported from Africa. Because the texture is similar, it was sold at a high price under the names "African Rosewood" and "African Pear". According to experts from the Redwoods, the so-called "African Rose Branch" and "African Pear" do not meet the national standards for mahogany. Many consumers report that due to the large difference between climate and origin, the use of imported fast-growing wood processing furniture in Africa is easy because of the cold and dry winter, the rainy and humid spring and summer, which causes problems such as cracking of the panel and loosening of the rivet. The use value and service life of the product are much lower than the real mahogany.


Decompose the quotes to shoddy

In recent years, the home improvement industry has begun to differentiate, and a group of quality companies specialize in the mid-to-high-end market. The ordinary tens of thousands of yuan in the decoration market has emerged as a formal company and often has quality complaints, and complaints remain high. In order to seize the market and use the psychology of cheaper consumers, some small decoration companies have adopted the method of decomposing quotations and inferior materials to make consumers think that they are “flat and positive”, but they are actually taken advantage of.

At the same time, after receiving the business, some small decoration companies subcontracted them to the “guerrillas” and charged a certain amount of management fees. The level of these "guerrillas" can be imagined. When the decoration company is in construction, it often reloads for profit. For example, the floor is bought under the supervision of the customer, but if you don't look at the floor when you are laying the floor, it is likely to be changed.

In the home, all kinds of building materials used in decoration, as well as some low-quality furniture and accessories, will volatilize substances that are toxic to the human body, the most common such as helium, formaldehyde and so on. And don't think that some natural materials are safe. The most common ones, such as some natural marbles, are extremely radioactive. Living in a large mansion that has been laying marble floors for a long time will have a negative impact on your health.

Four major consumer tips

A look at the qualifications to ensure that the license is complete

To go to a business unit with legal qualifications, it is best to go to a regular brand goods store to buy. Businesses selling furniture must also have corresponding business qualifications, but also pay attention to the "three guarantees", "environmental protection" and other consumer promises. If the business license registered by the industry and commerce is indispensable, the implementation of the "three guarantees" should allow him to produce a "three guarantees" certificate, and if the product is "environmentally friendly", it must be provided with an environmental certificate.

Second, look at the contract, pay attention to the retention clause

Don't trust the salesman's verbal promotion. To purchase furniture, you must use the furniture sales contract uniformly printed by the Contracting Office of the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Consumer Protection Committee, etc., pay attention to check the various contents, such as furniture model, style, material and other items, and also have the retention clause under the contract. Can't be taken lightly. Because often a few ulterior motives will use the retention clause to make various requirements that are not conducive to consumers.

Third, look at the invoice, do not replace the receipt

Buying furniture will have some bargaining. After the price is finalized, some merchants will require consumers to replace the receipts with the reason that the price is too low and the invoicing is unprofitable. Faced with this situation, consumers tend to take a low price and accept receipts in a reasonable manner. As everyone knows, in the event of quality problems, the Consumer Protection Committee accepts such complaints, but it is really a lawsuit, and the receipt is much lower than the legal effect of the invoice.

Fourth, look at the official seal, it is best to cover the mall chapter

After purchasing furniture in a hypermarket, consumers should try to cover the mall's general service desk with a mall's official seal when possible. Therefore, a few "brands" will go away after the lease expires. When customers find that the quality of furniture is going back, the problem manufacturers have long since disappeared. More than a mall official seal, no doubt more constraints on the business, customers will also have one more insurance.

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