In modern printing, on-line coating is a commonly used method for efficient processing. There are two commonly used methods.

Roll glazing: Use a roll coater to transfer the varnish to the carton surface. The amount of coating and pressure of the coating unit are controlled by the press control center. The coating liquid supply mechanism like the coating machine of Heidelberger presses can control the whole process of the coating liquid supply. The coating liquid is pumped from the liquid storage tank through the hose to the coating liquid tray in the electronic double diaphragm pump. The height of the liquid surface and the circulation of the coating solution are monitored by a potentiometer to ensure that the coating solution is evenly supplied. The ultrasonic monitor can monitor the coating quantity of the coating solution at any time. KBA Rapida 105 offset printing machine roller glazing, there is a two-roller system as a clockwise operation, there are also three-roller system can be used as a reverse operation. When the two-roll type operation is performed in a clockwise manner, the metering roller is disengaged, and the coating amount is adjusted by the pressure between the polishing liquid fountain roller and the liquid transfer roller, and the structure is simple. When working in the three-roller reverse running mode, the glazing roller and the liquid hopper roller run in the reverse direction, and the glazing film layer with good brightness can be obtained: at the same time, when the high viscosity glazing solution is used, it is not necessary to increase the pressure between the rollers excessively. To achieve a thin and uniform coating purpose. The roller glazing device has the characteristics of short transmission path, less contact points, difficulty in drying of the coating liquid, uniform transfer of the coating liquid, and simple and convenient operation.

Scraper-type glazing: A closed-type squeegee glazing system consists of a ceramic anilox roll, an enclosed squeegee, and a flexible resin coated roll. Its main advantage is that by selecting different ceramic anilox rollers, coating can be done precisely according to the required amount of coating, saving on glazing oil; with an anilox roller, glazing coating device and full-surface coating, local Polishing function. Usually consists of two scrapers and a ceramic anilox roller for metering purposes. The upper and lower scrapers and the anilox roller form a closed box structure, and the gloss liquid is pumped through the pipeline. The squeegee type glazing device has the characteristics of uniform and constant gloss, high quality, good effect, good environmental protection, economy, and easy realization of high-speed glazing. And can adapt to the carton surface of the gold, silver coating, coating coating can achieve a very high wear resistance.

12mm 15mm 18mm melamine faced MDF board / slot mdf / Waterproof MDF board


1,size:1220*2440mm, 1830*2440mm

2,thickness:2-44 mm

3,glue:WBP, melamine, E0, E1, E2

Product Description


Type of MDF MDF for furniture,Door Skin MDF,flooring MDF
Surface veneer varity melamine, veneer, plain, etc
Size(mm) 1220*2440(4'*8') or as request
Main material poplar,hardwood
Thickness 2-44mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.5mm
Glue MR, WBP, melamine,E0, E1, E2
Grade First grade
Moisture 5%-12%
Density 680-850kg/m³
Usage used for painting interior door leaf,furniture,wall decoration etc.
MOQ 20'GP about 22 cubic meters
Sample available for free(not including the fright cost)
Payment terms L/C at sight,T/T
Capacity 5000-10000 cubic meter/MonthRaw 

Melamine MDF

Melamine MDF,Thick Melamine MDF,White Melamine MDF,Melamine Board MDF

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