[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When purchasing wardrobes , most consumers will choose the decoration style of their homes to choose. New Chinese-style decoration will buy a European-style wardrobe, which will be out of place at home. Therefore, it is very important to choose according to the decoration style of the home. of. In addition, in order to find the wardrobe that suits you best, it is also very important to choose the combination of the wardrobe. Only "adapt to local conditions" will not waste space.

First, the combination of wardrobe

Wardrobe style

Wardrobe combination

1, "-" font: generally suitable for families with relatively small areas, and gives a simple and clear feeling;

2, "L" type: suitable for small and relatively square space, making the space arrangement compact and orderly;

3, "U" type: suitable for a relatively large space, the U-shaped design of the wardrobe increases the depth and breadth of the space, the clothing in the closet is clear at a glance, easy to achieve, to achieve the effect of aesthetic and space combination.

4, non-standard wardrobe: mostly used in irregular room types, can make full use of space, and can make the original irregular space look more square.

Second, the style of the wardrobe

Wardrobe combination

Wardrobe style

1. Pastoral style: It is characterized by nature, simplicity and kindness. The wooden wardrobe is a kind of natural material. The rustic style emphasizes simplicity and nature. Therefore, the rustic style wardrobe is also designed to be simple and simple. The whole is white or natural wood. Most of the colors, the surface is decorated with simple lines or wireless strips, many wardrobes directly use the natural texture of wood, so that the home environment has the feeling of returning to nature.

2, simple European style: more European decorative traces, using a variety of European patterns, patterns, so that the home looks more elegant, stylish, beautiful, the same, simple European style wardrobe products in color Light color, the surface is carved or pressed with European style patterns and lines, which can make the home environment more artistic.

3, modern minimalist wardrobe style: simplicity is not equal to simple, not simply the selection of materials for simple design or "stacking", which not only leads to the product has become "flat" furnishings, and even become a failure of the home atmosphere. Designers who have built a simple custom-made wardrobe have been thoughtfully designed by the designer, carefully selecting high-quality, high-quality high-quality substrates, and designing a custom-made wardrobe that is both elegant and elegant.

4, American wardrobe style: in the United States, from interior design to wardrobe design, the country style has always occupied an important position. It has a very special nostalgic, romantic complex, and this complex also makes it incompatible with the classical style of the court style. From a global perspective, most people's yearning for a comfortable and relaxed country life has reached an almost obsessive level. The vitality of nature itself is enough to make all the "life bodies" heart-bound.

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