<p> [ Chinese wardrobe net ] The most basic function of the wardrobe is storage. It is mainly used to store our clothes. As long as it is a collection of objects, there are many things that need to be processed. It is usually very easy to lose for small samples. But there is always a way for them to settle down.

Overall wardrobe

Black sliding door closet, walk-in cloakroom, one side storage area with closed design, one side with open design, large closed flat-shaped sliding door wardrobe to bear the storage of clothes, the partition gives a proper Storage design, shirts, sweaters, pants, underwear have a corresponding storage space.

The storage compartment can reasonably divide the wardrobe according to individual needs, not only help to separate the underwear and the socks, but also release more small space, improve the space use efficiency of the wardrobe, and make your wardrobe better. For some items that require special protection, such as trousers, ties, scarves and accessories, you can organize them with special storage gadgets.

Wardrobe size

The stitching fabrics, laces and other sewing supplies of the sewing master's storage partner also need to be stored neatly. These or square or long fabric storage boxes have a zipper at the bottom, which can be folded up after being opened, and can be stored as a cloth when not in use.

Although the wardrobe at home is large, the place where the shoes are placed will never feel enough. In the case of such problems, have you ever thought about improving the layout in the cabinet so that the loosely placed shoes can be placed more compactly? If the cabinet space is large and the gap between the partitions is large, you can find The waste wood board was placed at the 45-degree angle and placed in the middle of the partition. The area where the shoes were placed was divided into two. The cabinet that could only accommodate the next pair of shoes can now store twice as many shoes. On the first shelf of the cabinet, you can separate them without using wooden boards, leaving a place to store thick-soled or high-top shoes.

Solid wood wardrobe

Drawstring cotton bags that store color in close-fitting clothing are very practical tools for network super girls, and it is especially suitable for them to store close-fitting clothes. You can prepare several storage bags of different colors, divide the clothes into different types, and put them in different categories. This design is also very suitable for travel, putting them in the suitcase to save space and ensure cleanliness. In the design of the bag, you can do more work, one is to use different colors, and the other is to make some mosaic patterns on it. If it is used by a family, you can choose your favorite pattern.

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