What is a syphon pot ? The syphon pot, also known as the plug pot, is a common tool for brewing coffee , but few people use it at home because the syphon pot needs to know the thickness, heat and extraction time of the coffee powder . It is very troublesome to cook. Coffee tools, you must first understand the principle of the siphon pot when you want to learn how to use the siphon pot . So what is the principle of the syphon pot ? How to use the syphon pot ? If you want to use your own syphon pot to cook a cup of delicious coffee, follow the decoration home decoration network to learn it.


What is the principle of the syphon pot ?

The important principle of the syphon pot to start coffee extraction is achieved by the pressure difference. The first cup of water is heated to boiling, and then inserted into the upper cup, so that the lower cup is in a vacuum state, and the hot water rises due to the pressure difference between the lower cup and the upper cup. Start mixing and extracting with the top coffee powder. After the extraction is finished, turn off the fire source of the lower cup, so that the pressure difference between the lower cup and the upper cup is reduced, and the gravity between the upper cup and the lower cup will promote the coffee. The extract is returned to the lower cup. If the coffee extract is to be recirculated at a faster rate, the cup can be wiped with a damp rag, such as to allow the coffee cup to flow at a lower pressure difference.


How to use the syphon pot ?

1 , water -- hook filter

Put hot water in the lower pot and mark the two cups of the icon. Put the filter element into the upper pot, hold the end of the chain with your hand, and gently hook it at the end of the glass tube. Be careful not to suddenly let go of the hook, so as not to damage the glass tube of the pot.

2 , ignition - obliquely inserted on the pot

Ignite the alcohol lamp, insert the upper pot obliquely, let the rubber edge against the spout of the pot, and soak the chain in the water of the pot. Then boil water, waiting for the big bubble that popped out of the pot. The pot can be placed diagonally, don't let it close the pot , the tiny bubbles are not counted, waiting for the big bubble to appear.

3 , righting - insert into the pot


In the time when the next pot pops up with a big bubble, put the pot on the right side, shake it gently and press it down slightly, so that it is softly stuffed into the pot. After the pot is inserted, you can see that the water in the pot starts to rise.


4 , let the water in the pot rise completely to the upper pot


After the water has completely risen to the upper pot, don't worry, wait a few seconds, wait until the bubbles in the upper pot are removed and then prepare to pour the coffee powder.

5 , pour coffee powder - stirring

Pour the ground coffee powder, and use the stirring bamboo spoon to move it around, and evenly spread the coffee powder into the water. Start timing while stirring for the first time. Stir the action gently and avoid violent agitation. If it is fresh coffee powder, it will float on the surface to form a layer of powder. At this time, the coffee powder needs to be stirred, and the flavor of the coffee can be completely extracted. The correct agitation action is to move the bamboo spoon in the left and right direction, with the pressure of pressing down, and press the coffee powder floating on the water surface below the water surface.

6 , stir again twice - flameout

After stirring for the first time, clocking thirty seconds for a second stirring, then the timing twenty seconds, a final stir, you can remove the alcohol lamp. Take a slightly damp cloth prepared in advance, and gently wrap the side of the lower pot from the side. Do not let the damp cloth touch the place where the alcohol lamp flame touches the bottom of the pot to prevent the lower pot from rupturing. At this time, you can see that the water in the upper pot is quickly pulled to the lower pot. If your coffee is fresh enough, there will be a lot of light brown bubbles in the pot .

7 , complete - take the pot

After the coffee is sucked to the lower pot, the pot lives hand grip, one hand grip catch pot stay, by gently shaking the pot, the pot can be put to disconnect the lower pot. Pour coffee into a warm cup of coffee, you can drink a delicious coffee.

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