Every woman is eager for beauty, but everything costs a price. How do you make your skin look fresh and white, and let yourself stand out from the crowd? Xiaobian here reminds you 2 points.

Trouble 1: gross pores

Pore ​​problems, in addition to hereditary causes, oily skin is prone to block pores due to grease and dirt, so that pores will be invented. In addition, with the increase of age, the elastic fibers and capsule proteins in the dermis layer will loosen, which will also promote the generation of aging pores. In addition, don't ignore the adult acne caused by stress. A clinical study by the Korean Medical Center found that more than 46% of women over the age of 25 have endocrine disorders due to stress, fatigue, physiological cycle, and even pregnancy. It is easy to get better at the problem of "adult acne" on cheeks, chin and lips. In the absence of proper treatment and improper squeezing, the problem of large pores will naturally arise.

Whitening countermeasures against pores:

● Promote keratin metabolism and prevent keratin accumulation from supporting large pores.

●It can be selected mainly with refreshing water-based dosage form to reduce oil secretion and accumulation.

● It has a firming effect to prevent aging and relaxation of pores.

● It is better to have the effect of immediately filling the modified pores.

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