The enormous potential of development unleashed by the domestic wine market is attracting more and more “gold diggers”. In recent years, many new-minded wine brands have been rushing in and seeking to grab a share. One night, many liquor companies, wholesale markets, supermarkets and supermarkets, and the catering industry placed their wines in a prominent position. The wine industry will become an indispensable part of China’s daily life. In the state banquet occasions, white wine was seen on the table, but now it is quietly transformed into wine or fruit wine. Wine is the trend of future consumption of alcoholic beverages. Fruit wines and wines are quietly entering people’s lives and they have become an essential wine for people to eat and feast their friends.

In view of this, the wine bottle industry, which is closely related to the wine industry, also ushered in a strong development opportunity. However, in the process of grasping new market opportunities, wine bottle companies should do concrete analysis and editing from the largest bottle trading site in China: China Packaging Bottle Network and its next important trading platform, China Wine Bottle Network (http://) analysis At present, most wine bottle companies think that bottled imported wine filling companies and agents provide wine bottles. However, with the popularization of wine, the imported wine will be replaced by the mainstream instead of bottled imports. Therefore, it is necessary for domestic wine bottle companies to seize the opportunity to obtain more wine bottle orders.

In addition, Chen Ming, Marketing Director of China Packaging Bottles Network, said: "According to China Wine Bottle Network trading data, China's domestic bottleneck enterprises are on the rise, especially in the traditional wine-producing provinces of Shandong and Hebei. This will naturally stimulate the demand for wine bottles in the market. At present, the demand for wine bottles from domestic bottle manufacturers has become increasingly strong.”

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