The types of wooden door veneer are too wide and numerous: ash wood veneer, eucalyptus veneer, eucalyptus veneer, northeast white birch veneer, elm veneer, pine veneer, elm veneer, southwest birch veneer, Yunnan white birch veneer, white wood veneer, silk Teak, yellow cloudwood, gold teak, water melon veneer, white musk veneer, rubber wood veneer, white oak, red oak, cherry veneer, walnut veneer, mahogany veneer, maple veneer, ebony veneer , Zebra veneer, rosewood veneer, European oak skin, white shadow veneer, teak veneer, Oufeng micro-thin wood, white yuan mountain thin wood chips, white yuan straight grain thin wood chips...

Let's take a general look at the types of wood veneers we commonly use:

(1) Walnut: Walnut is one of the best quality woods, produced in North America and Europe. Walnut is dark brown with purple, and the string cuts are beautiful large parabolic patterns (Dashan). The price is relatively expensive, using walnuts. Wooden doors made of wood veneer are generally more expensive.

(2) Cherry wood: mainly produced in North America and Europe, the wood is light yellowish brown, elegant and elegant, the string cut surface is medium parabolic pattern, there is a small circle pattern, cherry wood is high-grade wood.

(3) Beech: The color of the eucalyptus is bright and light yellow, with dense wood ray. The imported eucalyptus is less, which is much better than the domestic one. The imported eucalyptus is medium-to-high-grade wood in China. Currently used in the market is more extensive.

(4) Sapele: Sapele originated in Africa, the wood of Sapele wood is delicate and feels very smooth. It is dazzling under the illumination of natural light, has a strong cultural atmosphere and noble quality, and is a good material in traditional decoration building materials. The color of Sapele is reddish-brown, and the straight-grained Sapele texture has a sparkling and three-dimensional feel. Generally, in the decoration, the use of Sapele wood for decoration will bring a festive and warm atmosphere to the environment. Sapele Wood is decorated with it in the decoration, which is a good material for active decoration.

(5) rosewood: rosewood veneer is divided into straight lines and patterns, rosewood heartwood reddish brown or purple reddish brown, long time becomes dark red, often contains dark brown stripes, shiny, with aroma. Its wood value is quite high, and it is a precious tree species unique to Hainan. It is distributed in the low-altitude hilly areas or plains and terraces of Hainan Island. The wood texture is staggered, naturally formed, and the pattern is beautiful. The furniture made from rosewood is simple, bright and magnificent, and the color is deep and colorful, elegant and noble, durable and durable, and it is not rotted for a hundred years.

(6) ash: uniform color: China, Russia, natural irregular mountain and hill patterns, clear texture and good flatness. Good flooring, furniture and wooden door materials. It can be used as a precious wood species such as white yuan, oak, walnut, etc., and its use value is extremely high. The wooden structure is thick, the texture is straight, the pattern is beautiful, shiny, and the hardness is large. The ash has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance.

(7) Maple: The color of maple is light yellow and has a hill pattern. The biggest feature is that there is shadow (partial luster is obvious), which belongs to mid-range wood.
Although there are many types and brands of wooden doors on the market, there are styles and genres. However, before users install “big move”, they have to choose the door because the wooden door is the “heart” of the whole home decoration.

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