Since the beginning of this year, China's export of wood products and wooden furniture has faced three major difficulties in rising raw material costs, rising labor costs and RMB appreciation. The standards for exporting wood products and wooden furniture to China in the European and American markets are becoming stricter. China's wood products and wood The situation of furniture exports to Europe and the United States is worrying.

According to the survey, the standards for the export of Chinese wood products and wooden furniture to Europe and the United States are becoming stricter. At the beginning of last year, the US Senate passed the "Standards on Compound Wood Products Formaldehyde", which was officially implemented on July 1, 2012. The new bill passed this time again reduced the amount of formaldehyde released from wood products sold and sold in the United States, where the formaldehyde emission from the raw material particleboard of wood products decreased from 0.3ppm to 0.09ppm, and the formaldehyde emission from hardwood plywood decreased from 0.2ppm. To 0.05 ppm.

In addition, two EU timber and wood products regulations and new environmental design directives aimed at restricting the export of wood products in China have also been formally passed. The new regulations require all manufacturers on the timber production and processing chain to submit basic information on the legality of the source of the timber, such as the source of the wood, the country and the forest, the volume and weight of the wood, the name and address of the supplier of the log, and the illegal timber and wood products. Severe punishment.

For China's SMEs, the new regulations have a large negative impact, which has brought major challenges to China's wood products exports. Since China's SMEs have long entered the European and American markets with low price and low cost advantages, identity certification has increased their cost pressures, which may lead to difficulties in establishing a foothold in the European and American markets.

Wood products and wooden furniture are one of China's traditional important export commodities, while the United States and the European Union are the main export markets for wood products and wooden furniture in China. According to statistics, only the annual export earnings of Zhanjiang in Guangdong exceeded US$300 million. In the first three quarters of this year, Zhanjiang area exported a total of 4124 batches of wood products and wooden furniture, with a value of 243 million US dollars. The export products mainly include plywood, wood fiberboard, wooden doors, wooden windows, wood crafts and other varieties and wooden furniture.

Although the new regulations in Europe and the United States will have a greater impact on China's wood furniture industry in the short term, in the long run, it is a challenge and an opportunity. The new regulations will benefit the regulation of China's wood furniture export market and the improvement of product quality. It not only benefits the future development of China's wood furniture industry, but also effectively regulates the market, further eliminates backward and non-standard SMEs, promotes the transformation and upgrading of the wood furniture industry, and improves the quality, grade and international quality of China's wood furniture industry's export products. Competitiveness.

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